Commercial Case Studies

CertaPro Painters® of Boulder and Longmont have completed many commercial painting projects, everything from apartments and condos to industrial warehouses. We’ve gathered just a few examples of our professional commercial work here as case studies for you to check out. There’s no such thing as an average commercial painting job. Each project is unique and can require a special set of skills from our painters. Take a look at what we’ve done for our satisfied customers, and then give us a call for your next commercial painting project!

Case Study #1

Boulder County Fairgrounds – Exterior

Commercial case study: Fairgrounds exterior before image


  • Full exterior repaint of multiple buildings with corrugated metal siding
  • Very difficult to access 2nd floor of large Exhibit Building
  • Red color siding on 2nd floor, most exposed to sun and had extreme fading/chalking
  • Rusted metal siding and gutters where water exposure caused corrosion

Commercial case study: Fairgrounds exterior after


  • Aggressive pressure washing and preparation to remove chalky, degraded surface paint
  • Added years of longevity to substrates, reducing cost of maintenance cycle
  • Encapsulated rust areas with specification of Industrial Grade rust-inhibiting primer
  • 80 ft. articulating boom lift utilized to safely access 2nd floor over extended roof
  • Upgraded paint two levels for red siding to provide even better color retention on area most exposed to sun
  • Created production schedule to accommodate multiple trade shows and events in facilities during the project

Case Study #2

Commercial Warehouse – Exterior

Commercial case study: Warehouse before image


  • Exterior repaint of commercial distribution warehouse
  • Customer requested adding a bright yellow accent stripe on siding
  • Very chalky siding because it was last painted over 20 years ago
  • Needed a company that would work around and cater to tenant’s daily truck delivery schedule

Commercial case study: Warehouse after image


  • Completed job ahead of schedule
  • Created production plan around daily delivery/trailer activity – worked Saturdays and Sundays as well
  • For yellow accent stripe, upgraded to highest premium paint and 3-coated substrate for enhanced color retention given yellow’s tendency to fade
  • Crisp, clean lines on accent stripe by using premium tape – a minor detail with big benefits!
  • Utilized 46’ articulating boom lift for safety purposes to paint roofline trim/gutters
  • Accommodated multiple change orders mid-job adding to the scope of work
  • CertaPro has been awarded and has completed multiple additional projects with this customer given their satisfaction with quality, service, and professionalism

Case Study #3

Industrial Gas Flare – Exterior


  • Recoating exterior surfaces of an industrial gas flare at a waste management campus
  • Significant rust on surface from lack of maintenance coatings
  • Very technical project – requires significant skill and experience to avoid flashing while coating a cylindrical tower over 40’ in height using a paint with sheen

Commercial case study: Gas Flare after image


  • Completed extensive hand preparation and wire brushing to prepare rusted areas
  • Protective and Marine Grade metal primer used to provide a corrosion resistant barrier coating, followed by Industrial Grade finish coating
  • Heavy application to provide full coverage – converted color from green to off-white
  • No flashing in finish coat despite using higher sheen to provide added protection
  • Utilized 46’ articulating boom lift – properly followed all OSHA safety protocol

Case Study #4

Townhome Complex – Exterior

Townhome painting


  • 90+ townhomes across 16 buildings, multiple different color schemes
  • Full exterior repaint and requested assistance in color selection
  • Needed to include painting front doors and minor carpentry work

Townhome painting


  • Worked with HOA management to develop a 2-year production plan to fit annual budgets
  • Completed painting and carpentry ahead of schedule and on budget
  • CertaPro fully managed communication and coordination with individual residents regarding front door painting and access
  • High quality job with daily clean-up completed

Case Study #5

Senior Care Center – Interior

Commercial case study: Senior Care Center interior before


  • Interior repaint of common areas throughout full facility – walls, ceilings, doors/frames, and trim
  • Difficult production schedule given facility needs
  • A lot of coordination and care required to ensure a safe environment for residents in wheelchairs and with respiratory conditions throughout the project 

  • Significant color changes selected, and converted stained wood trim to painted trim 

Commercial case study: Gas flare exterior after


  • Worked closely with on-site supervisor to coordinate a production schedule, including completing areas such as dining rooms overnight to accommodate facility schedule needs
  • Two-coated all surfaces with premium grade product for durability to withstand wheelchair scrapes and dings
  • CertaPro fully managed communication and coordination with individual residents regarding front door painting and access
  • The customer added to the scope of work twice during the project as a result of the quality of work already completed
  • All residents now live in a clean facility with a fresh, new look, and the maintenance team has a long-lasting solution to what previously required constant touch-ups